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Wholesale Caskets Buying [2012-03-05]


The Burial Caskets is the container in which the deceased is placed in for the funeral service, viewing and burial. If you're planning to have the funeral service in a funeral home, you may want to ask the funeral director if casket rental is available for visitation purposes, prior to cremation.
A funeral casket can be made of more than one type of material-stainless steel, wood, copper, bronze, and marble. The quality and pricing of the casket depends on the thickness and amount of the metal made within the casket. Heavy caskets also come in a variety of colors and interiors.
1 Know the law governing casket sales. You do not have to buy a casket from the funeral home managing the services. Federal Trade Commission regulations prohibit the funeral home from charging any sort of fee if you supply a third-party coffin.
2 Meet with a funeral director at the funeral home to discuss casket options for the deceased or to plan your funeral arrangements in advance.
3 Ask to see all the casket choices available to you, including the price for each. Surveys show that most people who bought caskets from funeral homes bought one of the first three models they were shown, usually the casket priced in the middle of the three options. Chances are that you will get a better deal by being patient and looking at all the choices.
4 Write down information about the Wholesale Caskets or ask for a brochure from the funeral home. Funeral home directors are required by law to provide a General Price List if you request one to take home.
5 Compare prices with identical or similar caskets available from third-party dealers on the Internet and at other funeral homes and showrooms specializing in casket sales.
6 Decide which casket you wish to buy and make the necessary payment arrangements to ensure timely delivery of the casket. Whether you buy from a funeral home, a casket showroom or an online dealer, virtually all casket sellers offer same-day shipping with two-day delivery.
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