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How to Select Burial Caskets [2011-12-13]

There is a lot more to selecting a funeral casket than one may think or that meets the eye. When choosing a casket, make sure you check the interior, its handles, and the hardware affixed to it. If possible, you want to feel and touch it to determine and see the quality of craftsmanship.


1 Set a budget for the Wholesale Caskets. Even if you tempted to go beyond it, don't. There are many other equally important components of your service that require adequate funding as well, so stick with what you know you can afford. Funeral homes, like any other business, will sometimes try to upsell you on a better, more expensive casket. The rule of thumb here is to get the best you can afford.
2 Consider casket material. If quality is important to you, then consider the material of the casket you choose. Wood is a common choice, particularly because it provides different finish choices and can be found in handsome varieties, including mahogany and maple. However, for durability, stainless steel or titanium is the way to go. Just keep in mind that these materials are inherently more expensive than the more common wood option.
3 Match the Burial Caskets to your size. This is a fairly important part of the decision-making process, as it does not help to choose a casket in which your body will not fit. If you are a small person and you choose an oversize casket, the presentation of the cadaver will look all wrong. Likewise, if you are a larger person, choosing a smaller-sized casket may result in your loved ones having to choose a different style to better accommodate your body type.
4 Get input from family members.Although you may plan the bulk of your service, your loved ones will have to implement it, so ask for their input on casket selection. Sometimes, people around you may think of aspects that you may not, such as if you are going to be buried with a treasured item, how it will fit in the Cremation Urn or how your casket selection matches up with your other funeral choices. While this may seem morbid to some, it saves a great deal of heartache for family and friends in the end.